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What outdoor summer activity are you looking forward to the most?
 Results | 1239 total votes
Should the court unseal the arrest documents relating to the Frisco incident that led to the death of Blake Bostic?
 Results | 699 total votes
If your child is between the ages of 5 and 14, will you enroll them in a summer camp program in Summit County?
 Results | 235 total votes
After Whole Foods opens, where will you buy most of your groceries?
 Results | 1645 total votes
What do you think about the recent move to destroy 'smoke shacks' on ski resorts?
 Results | 1770 total votes
What do you think about Vail Resorts and the U.S. Forest Service's recent move to destroy so-called 'smoke shacks' on ski resorts?
 Results | 59 total votes
Given the massive amount of snow that dropped on Summit County recently, where's the best place to ski right now?
 Results | 1700 total votes
What animal terrifies you more if you were to encounter one on the trail?
 Results | 1214 total votes
What do you think about being able to buy recreational pot in Summit County?
 Results | 1249 total votes
How often do you provide feedback in the 'Comments' section of stories posted on
 Results | 985 total votes
When buying Steal Today’s Deal offers, which describes how you will use it?
 Results | 1062 total votes
You might have noticed that our website has been improved on. Prior to this new design, were you aware of the SDN E-Edition?
 Results | 1284 total votes